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Passion for innovation and desperation for excellence are our core expertise. Technically, we have got domain experts in all our required fronts like Web Design, Web Deployment, Search Engine Optimization and others. We have got functional experts in several segments to enable you curve a niche in your own business processes.  Our Quality Control Team remains active in all the deliverables.

Steer into the triumphant win with the help of latest tools and techniques in the realm of Internet. Join the hands of Roytech Solutions, we will remain watch dog of your splendid growth.

IT Outsourcing

The exuberant team of Roytech Solutions is geared up to face the challenges of the modern world to optimize the performance of the existing resources. If you already own a website, our functional experts try to increase the throughput of the existing website to integrate you better with the current Internet world.

We always believe that its more important to find out the pilferages of your existing web application and mitigate the same to elevate its rank.

You are always welcome to higher an expert to improve your business throughput. When you contact Roytech Solutions, you get a host of technical and functional specialists. Under any circumstances, if you are NOT satisfied, Roytech Solutions is capable of replacing the human resources with a higher level. Roytech Solutions treat each project seperately and assigns a dedicated Relationship Manager for all its Web Solutions related projects. The relationship manager remains always with you to listen to your problems passionately to ensure a tangible improvement in your domain.

Increase your business bandwidth with the help of enthusiastic team of Roytech Solutions. Let your valiant efforts yield. Call up Roytech Solutions today!

eCommerce Solutions

The immense popularity of eCommerce has prompted most of the Software Development houses to develop portals in various segments. The classical examples are the well known Google and Yahoo search engines. Specific target driven portals are at the crest today and a fair competition to catch the bus on right time is the challenge of today’s internet world.

Why is Routech Solutions different?
  • We are not only a web design company but an Web Solutions company in the true sense
  • We emphasize much more on functional expertise
  • We are experinced in several payment gateways
  • We have got a proven track record for Search Engine Optimization, the necessity to fulfill your goals of launching a portal
  • We have got a professional technical team with subject matter experts in different technical fronts

If you feel, Integration and Synchronization are the biggest challenges in today’s eCommerce solution, contact Roytech Solutions today to topple down the competitors from the top.

Website Design

The overwhelming growth of website design have allured a lot of individuals and companies to intrude into this segment even without professional skills or experience. The obvious result is the lack of standardization. As the initial honeymoon period has passed by and many skilled professionals have made their holistic entrance into this booming segment, the focus has shifted to quality and standardization of protocols..

Why Roytech Solutions?
  • Excellent look and feel from our experienced designers
  • A modern outlook for your website, the key marketing tool for your business
  • Usage of open source code to safe you from the piracy
  • Usage of the right database and programming tools to match your custom requirements
  • Search Engine compatible design and coding
  • Web Content from our content design team
  • The right mix of different levels of keywords
  • W3C validated coding
  • Applications of SEO techniques from established SEO experts
  • Optimization of the web site

Contact Roytech today and Get the edge of professional expertise from skilled resources

Web Programming

The Internet application is at its crest. The need of a web-based solution is no more a hobby; rather it has become a mandatory requirement for corporations as the geographical boundaries have been overridden by the concept of Globalization. Corporations have started establishing their branch offices and sales outlets in different parts of the world, which demands a real time interaction with the production units and the corporate head quarters

How Roytech Solutions can help you?
  • A proper system study and requirement analysis
  • A proper balance between latest technology and your exclusive requirements
  • Modular concept of Development
  • Scope of future enhancement and updates as plug-n-play
  • Cross-platform applications

Roytech solutions have got adequate functional and technical expertise in PHP and .Net Platform. We leverage the experience of working in ASP.met with a host of databses like Oracle, MS SQL and My SQL.

Roytech Solutions believe that platform becomes secondary and the functional expertise comes first. Our experts are geared up to face the challenges of developing the application at your preferred platform.

Its your exuberance and our hard efforts, which can propel to the unimaginable victory

Web Marketing

Roytech Solutions leverages the commendable experience in Web Marketing with a proven track record; the proof lies in the satisfied client list spread over four different continents.

The dedicated R&D team of Roytech Solutions keeps track of every change in the strategy and technique in the realm of Web Marketing. The functional experts add immense value in requirement analysis and strategy definition, as the need of each customer becomes unique.

Nevertheless, a constant effort towards applying newer strategies and techniques only can penetrate the shell of the customer to convert a prospect to tangible sales.

How we do?
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Action Plan and ROI analysis strategy

Web Marketing is still at its infancy, don’t miss the bus, join hands with Roytech Solutions. After all, professional innovation is the key to survival!